ALM Manufacturing PackagingALM Manufacturing has very strict environmental policies and we have therefore put considerable effort into identifying packaging that is not only suitable for the transport and display of our products and attractive to the consumer, but also ensures the least possible impact on the environment.


ALM Manufacturing RPET symbolIn January 2000 ALM Manufacturing replaced PVC with Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, commonly known as R-PET, as the material of choice for the clam-pack.

With a recycled content approaching 90%, R-PET reduces the impact on the environment whilst offering all the benefits of PVC plastic packaging.

The comparable benefits of R-PET over PVC are explained in our Environmental Policy.

The benefits of the R-PET material and the clam-pack over other packaging types are:

- Improved clarity, enabling consumers to clearly identify the parts they require
- Re-sealable
- Reduced waste - offcuts are recycled during the manufacturing process
- No waste created at the packing stage
- 100% recyclable pack




ALM Manufacturing FSC logoAll the paper used in our packaging comes from sustainable FSC - Forest Stewardship Council managed forests.

The paper inserts are printed on FSC Evolution Pure - 100% Recycled Paper

The card backings are printed on FSC Claro Silk mixed source board.

And we even use vegetable rather than oil based inks.

ALM Manufacturing packagingALM Manufacturing packagingALM Manufacturing packaging