Health and Safety ExecutiveALM Manufacturing adheres to all relevant Health and Safety guidelines recommended by the
Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


 Health and safety law states that organisations must:

- Provide employees with a written health and safety policy
- Assess risks posed to employees, customers, partners and any other people who could be affected by our activities
- Arrange for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of preventive and protective measures
- Ensure employees have access to competent health and safety advice
- Consult employees about their risks at work and current preventive and protective measures

ALM Manufacturing operates a policy of 'worker involvement' on health and safety, which means we encourage a two-way communication process in which the company and employees:

ALM Manufacturing First aid- Talk to one another
- Listen to one another's concerns
- Raise concerns and solve problems together
- Seek and share views and information
- Discuss issues in good time
- Consider what everyone has to say
- Make decisions together