Tuesday, 02 June 2020

ALM CH062 Chainsaw chain

Part number: ALM CH062

ALM Manufacturing 62 drive link chainsaw chain

Suitable for the following McCulloch models with a 45cm (18") bar

CS 42S (SASA242MC), 
CS 360T,
CS 400T, 
Mac 442 (531024274),
Mac 538,
Mac 838, Mac 842,
MacCat 440, MacCat 442, MacCat 442TL,
MCS 2400,
Titanium 420,
Xtreme 3.0 (965193202) 

Compares to CHO032, 577615132

This chain is NOT suitable for use with the Oregon Powersharp sharpener. (It will fit on a Powersharp bar, but DO NOT use the Powersharp sharpener to sharpen this chain)