Tuesday, 15 October 2019
NuTool lawnmowers

NuTool lawnmowers

ALM Manufacturing manufacture a range of parts to fit most NuTool lawnmower models.

Please check your model number to make sure you identify the correct part for your machine.

Part number: ALM J19LM ALM Manufacturing spark plug Suitable for most 2 stroke and 4 stroke lawnmower and cultivator engines Compares to: AC DelcoLM46, LM49…
Part number: ALM GP033 ALM Manufacturing starter handle and rope Suitable for most petrol machines. Rope 2 metres long.3.5mm diameter Manufactured in the UK
Part number: ALM RN9YC ALM Manufacturing spark plug Suitable for most Honda and MacAllister lawnmowers and other engines using the following spark plugs:Compares to: BoschWR7DCChampionN9YC,…
Part number: ALM PD115 ALM Manufacturing plastic blades Suitable for the following NuTool lawnmowers GD1000, and other models using plastic blades Manufactured in the UK