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Part number: ALM BQ361

ALM Manufacturing metal blade

Suitable for the following Bosch lawnmowers

Rotak 36R,
Rotak 37-14 Ergo,
Rotak 37R


Compares to: F016800378

Published in Bosch lawnmowers

Part number: ALM SV218

ALM Manufacturing plastic blades 

Suitable for the following Sovereign grass trimmers:

18v Cordless ASYEGT01240 (555374)

Pack of 16 blades

Manufactured in the UK 

Part number: ALM FL424

ALM Manufacturing spool and line and cover

Suitable for the following Flymo models 

Contour Power Plus Cordless (9648645-62)
Contour Cordless XT 18v (9666768-01), 
Contour Cordless 20V Li (9679244-01),
Contour Cordless 500XT,
Contour Cordless 24v,
Mighti-Trim Li,
Sabre Trim

Compares to FLY047, FLY060

Supplied with:
1.5mm trimmer line
1 x 10m 

Manufactured in the UK

Published in Flymo grass trimmers

Part number: ALM CH040

ALM Manufacturing 40 drive link chainsaw chain

Suitable for the following Ferrex Chain Saw models with a 25cm (10") bar 

WWS-AKS40-SP (97672)

Compares to 91P040X

Published in Aldi chainsaws