Tuesday, 17 September 2019

ALM OL303 Biodegradable Chainsaw oil (1 litre)

Part number: ALM OL303

ALM Manufacturing Biodegradable Chainsaw Chain Oil 1 litre

ALM OL303 is an environmentally friendly Biodegradable chainsaw chain and bar lubricating oil.

Manufactured from selected vegetable derived base oils, it contains a blend of environmentally friendly extreme pressure additives and provides superb lubrication, reduced chain and bar wear and anti-fling properties.

Biodegradable chain oil contains:

Additives to stop the formation of resins
Tackifiers / anti-fling additives to reduce flinging off the chain at speed.

Benefits of Biodegradable chainsaw chain oil:

• Reduced Friction
• Reduced Heat
• Reduced Chain & bar wear

Blended and bottled in the UK